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The Youngster of the Year is an annual competition where we take stunning portraits of 20 to 30 children and have a fun voting contest!  Each child gets a 20 minute Mini Session either at my studio or a nearby outdoor location.  Each session comes with a complimentary 6″x4″ print of the photo you choose for the contest

Of course there is a massive prize for the winning portrait!  The photo with the most votes at the end of the competition wins a Full Family Portrait Session with a large complimentary 20″ wall portrait.  A prize worth over £400! And, to throw a bit more fun into the mix, the best photo from each participant will be entered into the MPA national photography contest with a £1000 1st place prize!

View my Portfolio and click on the Youngster of the Year heading to see examples from 2013 and view This Blog Post to see examples from 2014!

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Youngster of the Year Divisions

How does Youngster of the Year work?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (15)There are 20 to 30 contestants. Throughout September each contestant will have a 20 minute Mini-Session at our Studio, and pick their favourite photo from that session to be entered into the contest.  The photo with the most votes will win the 1st place prize. There are also two Front Runner prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

How much does it cost?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (7)It is only £25 to enter and take part in your own Eric Pearce Photography Mini-Session!

Do I get any Prints with my Mini-Session?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (17)Yes, your session comes with a complimentary 6″x4″ print!  You can choose to collect the print, or apply the value to other prints and product on offer.

How do I register?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (9)To register simply use the PayPal button above and complete your £25 entrant fee.  You will then be contacted within 24 hours to arrange a date for your Mini-Session.  If your division is full, the option will be removed from the button.  That means if your division is listed, it is still available. Book quickly to avoid disappointment! Do Get in Touch with any questions!

I have more than 1 child. Can all my children participate?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (3)Unfortunately no. This contest is limited to one contestant per household.  We do hold the Youngster of the year annually though so each of your children could take turns respectively! The only exception is multiple births. i.e. twins or triplets.

Who votes for the winners and when?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (11)Voting happens by our fans on our Facebook Page and by your friends and family. You will be able to share the contest via Facebook.  Voting begins on a Monday and finishes Saturday night.


What are the prizes?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (1)The photo with the highest number of votes will receive 1st Place.  Out of the three winning photos, the one with the highest votes will receive the Grand Prize.  2nd and 3rd place will receive Front Runner’s prizes!

Grand Prize: Full Family Photo Session with a 20″ wall portrait! (Value of £465)

Front Runner’s Prize: Full Family Photo Session with an 10″x8″ loose print. (Value of £200)

What is the MPA and how does that contest work?

The MPA is the Master Photographers Association.  They hold a yearly competition for professional portrait photographers throughout the UK.  The winning photos receive £1000 which is passed directly to (you) the client!

What is the best way to personalize the session and get creative?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (20)Think of something that is unique to your child or family.  Using personal props, unique outfits etc… make for amazing photos!  Get in touch if you would like some of our ideas!

May I read some more fine-print please? 🙂

Of course!

Eric Pearce Photography (EPP) reserves the right to alter, change or combine any division.  EPP also reserves the right to disqualify and remove any contestant that abuses any other contestant or the contest itself without any refund. (I can’t foresee this happening as we’re all having a bit of fun!)

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