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Hi I’m Eric…

Hi, I’m Eric.  A photographer, an artist, and a dad!  Thank you for investing the time to browse my portfolio and get to know me better through my images.

Headshot of Eric Pearce | PhotographerI am lucky enough to be able to take two of my passions and fuse them into my photography.  Being a visual creative, and family.  I come from a big family where I am the 3rd of 10 kids and I have three kiddos of my own; 8 year old Amelia and 4 year old Hugo, and 2 year old Florence!

I am constantly inspired by my family.  It seems the roots of my family tree were soaked in creative waters.  My mom is a fantastic designer.  One sister is an amazing graphic designer and crafter, and another is an extremely talented musician and artist. Another sister is training to be a chef while one of my brothers is also a musician and programmer.  My older brother is an artist/photographer/writer with one of the biggest blogs in the world Single Dad Laughing. (I told you I have a lot of siblings!  We’ve only touched on half of them!)  I also have to mention my dad who is in actual fact….an inventor!

To sum it up, I have followed suit because I love creating!  It is my passion to bring this creativity together with my understanding and love for families, and provide you with exciting, unique, natural and emotive photography for your family portraits and wedding stories!

Behind the Scenes:

  • I am American and have lived here in England for about 11 years.
  • I am a 2nd dan black belt in Bushi Ban Karate.  I also currently train and compete in Mixed Martial Arts on the Semi-Pro level.
  • I am an avid snowboarder and wake-boarder…when I’m home in Utah!
  • I ran the Brighton Marathon and have done the London to Brighton Bike-a-thon 3 times!
  • In high school I was a male-cheerleader and part of the Break Dance Club!
  • I can speak fluent Hungarian!
  • My kids give me more joy than I ever imagined possible!

So this is me in a nutshell.  I would love to hear about you and work together to create something amazing!  Give me a shout!

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