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Child Photographer in Sussex & Surrey, East Grinstead & Crawley (13)

Before The Session
How much does a photo session cost?

There are a few different types of shoots to choose from and you can find out which one will suit you best by visiting my Pricing page. In a nutshell, Mini Sessions are £65 and Full Sessions are £135

How do I book my photo session with you?

To book your session get in touch with me here and we can find the best available date for you. The session fee is due upon booking to officially reserve your date. You can also book directly through my Pricing page with the PayPal buttons at the bottom. Make sure you select the appropriate type of session before you complete payment. When your payment details come through, we will get in touch with you to finalize the date.

How do I prepare for our photoshoot?

After you have booked your session with me, I will send you a preparatory guide with information on locations, clothing ideas and much more. We will also chat via phone and email before the shoot to make sure you’re ready to go when the session arrives.

Do I need to specify the product I want to order beforehand?

Pricelist Frame Images from Eric Pearce PhotographyNo, you do not need to specify your order before hand. It helps to see the photos first to be able to visualize them on your walls and in my other products. I will send you a complete pricing and product list so that you can have an idea of the beautiful bespoke products I offer and their costs.

When is the optimum time to schedule my Newborn session?

Newborn Baby Photographer in Sussex & Surrey, East Grinstead & Crawley (8)As a father of two with one on the way, I’m well acquainted with the unpredictability of a new baby’s arrival!  When it comes to Newborn sessions, I am very flexible with the date of your session.  We will plan it for when we think will be the best time, and then if that changes, no problem. The best time to schedule your newborn photoshoot is between 4 and 14 days old.  After this time, baby will be less flexible, become more alert and their skin can develope irritations from adjusting to their new surroundings.

What kind of service can we expect from you?

I want you to enjoy your experience from start to finish. I purposefully only schedule 2 to 3 sessions per week to be able to give each client the individual attention they deserve. This means I can respond to emails and phone messages much quicker, spend quality time selecting the best photos and perfecting each one, and following through with the product orders. My goal is to give you the kind of service I would like to get myself and I bend over backwards to do it! View Kind Words from past clients!

What happens if we need to reschedule?

I understand that sometimes life happens and plans need to change.  There is NO fee for rescheduling your session if you give me at least 7 days notice.  With 2 – 6 days notice 50% of your session fee is required to move your date.  With notification of 24 hours or less, a new session must be booked with a new session fee.

During The Session
How long does the session last?

Mini-Sessions, Glitter Sessions and Youngster of the Year sessions all last about 25-45 minutes. Regular sessions last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The time needed can depend on several varying factors such as children’s patience, agenda, complexity of the shoot and so on. If there is more than one session scheduled in a day, I will always space them far enough apart so we’ll have more than enough time to get the best selection of images.

Where will our photo session be located?

You can choose to have your session in my fully-equipped studio (address), in the surrounding 8 acres of beautiful garden, woodland and farmland, or a location of your choice. I am constantly keeping my eye open for new and exciting locations and have a few amazing go-to spots as well. I will chat with you before hand and we’ll plan a session bespoke to your wants and needs.

Some sessions such as Glitter Sessions only take place in studio. If you’re unsure, please get in touch.

What happens to our outdoor session if the weather is bad?

As an experienced outdoor photographer, I can make the best of most any situation the weather decides to throw our way. You might not know, but an overcast day is my best friend as it offers the most flattering and even light. Weather like a stiff breeze or light drizzle can actually add an amazing dynamic to your photos. If we’re aware of this before hand we can also use props like umbrellas, welly boots, or a kite. I will decide on the day if the weather is suitable and if it isn’t we can reschedule at no extra cost.

How many photos can we expect from our session?

With Mini-Sessions, Glitter Sessions, and Youngster of the Year Sessions, I select the top 20-30 images to show. With regular sessions there are usually 40-60 to choose from.

What happens if my child in uncooperative or misbehaves during the session?

This is a very common and valid concern. Don’t worry though, I pride myself in my ability to get onto a child’s level and make friends quickly. I also make the photoshoot a lot of fun! Other things can help as well such as choosing a location where they feel comfortable, the promise of sweet things to come for good behavior (bribery at its best), and active involvement from parents. The most difficult children shoots are the ones where the parents don’t help to control their child. I haven’t been bested yet, but in the case this does happen, I am happy to reschedule the shoot and try again.

Can we bring props?

Youngster of the Year - Child Photographer (20)Yes, absolutely! Please check with me first before bringing props to your session. Props are great because they can add an element of fun, a personal touch, and much more to your photos. The best props to bring are things that are personal to you or your family. i.e. Dad’s headphones, ballet outfit, football kit, hats, etc…

Can we bring pets?

Dog poised in a long grassy field | Pet Photography with Eric Pearce PhotographyYes, absolutely! Always check with me first before bringing any pets to your session. If you have a studio session, your pet must be house trained or small enough a little mess doesn’t matter.

After The Session
How do we view our photographs?

About 1-2 weeks after your session, you are invited back into the studio to view a fun slideshow of the best and fully edited images with a proof sheet for making selections. I have found over time that my clients have the best experience when they can see, touch and feel the products I offer, rather than trying to imagine them by just seeing pictures.

There is no minimum order or hard sale here. The last thing I want is for your photos and experience to be tarnished by a pressured sale. We’ll let the pictures do the talking and provide you beforehand with completely upfront and transparent pricing.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order for any type of session, however 10″x8″ prints and smaller are only available with the purchase of a product or a package.

Do you offer single digital files or a disc of all the images from our session?

Yes. This is one of my most popular products as it allows you to display and share all the images from your session on all your mobile devices and print them at any size to your heart’s content. Because of the complete freedom this offers, individual high resolution images are £60 and only available with the purchase of a product or package. I also provide a stylish USB flash drive in a presentation box with all of the high resolution digital images fully edited and ready to print. (£750 for regular sessions or £585 for mini sessions). All digital images come with a low-resolution copy perfect for emailing and sharing online.

Do you offer collections or packages for buying multiple products?

Yes! I have arranged fantastic collections of complimentary products and prints which offers great savings from the A La Carte menu. Get in touch and I will send you the selection of packages.

Do we need to come back into the studio or can we just view the photos online?

I invite you back into my studio to view your images for a few different reasons:

  • I have found that just putting the photos up online, although slightly more convenient, doesn’t allow you to see the photos in a large, high-quality format with the correct colour display and so on.
  • Many of the products I offer can be customized in various ways and it is easier to explain these to you in one sitting rather than over several emails and phone calls.
  • When ordering your images, they can be cropped or resized in various ways and again it’s easier to explain and decide at one time.
  • Many times, your images might look better in a product you haven’t even considered, and I can make sure you are aware of what is available to you.
  • I have found that my clients feel much more confident in their investment when they can touch, see and feel what they are ordering.
  • And finally, I really enjoy viewing the photos with you and experiencing the awe, excitement and laughter that is sure to come!

Keep in mind, that there is no minimum order and certainly no high pressured sale.  I sincerely want to make your entire experience enjoyable and as streamlined as possible.  You know your budget and abilities. I help you get exactly what you want.

Once product has been ordered, I will put your gallery online for 5 days so that your friends and family can also enjoy the photos and buy any prints or product if they wish.

In the event that you live too far than is convenient, or simply can’t make it back into the studio, you can pay £25 and we’ll upload your images into a gallery that will be live for 5 days.

When will we receive our photos?

Prints and products are available 4 to 6 weeks after they’ve been ordered. I source the finest selection of bespoke products from different suppliers around the UK and it largely depends on their turn-around time.

Can I put a rush on my order?

Absolutely! I always fulfill my clients’ requests in the order they come in, but if you need your prints and products in a speedy manor I can bump you to the front of the queue for £85.

I want to refer my friend.  Is there a bonus for this?

I always appreciate client referrals as I know you have put trust in me to recommend me to your friends. When a new client mentions your name during booking you get to choose a free 10″x8″ print from your session!

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